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We provide a variety of services for businesses, from small corporate holiday parties, to large mega-tradeshows.

On-site Photo Production

Any instant photos, from classy portrait sessions with families, employee teams, conference attendees etc, on a professional muslin backdrop, to high-tech, hi-fun green-screen superimposed photos. The photos are distributed to every participating attendee.

Photo Entertainment Station

Your guests can enjoy hundreds of backgrounds to choose from and each picture could be finished with the company’s logo, greeting text, utilize our graphics expertise to create custom backgrounds for a particular event, or use a certain image for all pictures.

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Tradeshow Crowd Magnet

A green-screen combined with the plasma TV listing the gorgeous backdrop options will surely attract significant crowds to your booth. While the attendees are waiting for their picture to come out, your staff can conduct surveys, discuss your products, and hand out advertising materials. Finally, the visitors will receive their pictures with custom logos/messages which guarantee that your company’s information will stand out from hundreds of inanimate brochures in their tradeshow goody-bag. Also, we realize that limited nature of the space at tradeshows, and we can be ultra-compact with our production.

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Web Photo Surveys

In addition to the Crowd Magnet option above, we can provide a web-survey service. We can help by taking professional pictures (especially when utilizing the green-screen instant superimposing feature) and distributing special business cards instructing the visitors to visit a special website and enter their password to retrieve the picture. We can either print on-site and give out web-cards, or simply distribute web cards with download instructions. Before your visitors retrieve their picture online, we can conduct a short survey with relevant questions and feed your company periodic response data in a variety of digital formats. You will have online control over the questionnaire lists, campaigns, events and more.

Instant Video Production Station

We can use any video clip and instantly superimpose your attendees into it. The guests will receive a copy of their clip on personalized DVDs, and your company will receive a master DVD with all performances.

Video Entertainment Station

Allows your guests to select any of the three extremely popular and fun video entertainment options: Video Karaoke, VideoHeads and Movie Videos. In each case, the guests receive DVDs and you receive the master. DVDs can be personalized with the custom glossy labels with any graphics, logos, greeting texts etc.

Promotional Marketing Events

Whatever you’re promoting, we can help. Our photo entertainment stations, video entrainment stations are a sure hit and a favorite for dozens of businesses looking for fun and creative ways to entertain crowds while getting enhancing brand awareness with personalized marketing give-aways.

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