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Entertainment Ideas

Foto Novelty Entertainment Services 

Over the years, we have been growing, our technology, equipment and staff have been continuously perfecting. Our core vision and values have not changed:

Uncompromised brilliant-quality entertainment, suitable for $300K+ parties; extremely professional and courteous staff welcomed by numerous Fortune 500 companies; top-of-the-line everything, while maintaining highest efficiency and guaranteeing genuinely affordable prices!

We like to think of our company as a Rolls-Royce of entertainment industry at Toyota prices. Yes, we can!

iPad meets photo booth!
Your guests are photo models!
Childhood passion transformed to blasting fun entertainment!
The best of green-screen video entertainment: Boogie Heads!
Top-notch video games, on 4 flat-screens, 4 consoles. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Racing & many more...
We can create and display your montage presentation!
Airbrush Favors - all time party favorite!
Ingredients: Extremely-talented, friendly artists, creative and efficient approach, highest quality t-shirts, trucker hats, sweatshirts and more.
Our modern look-and-feel photo booth is a step-up from traditional metal booths, with elegant forms, allowing us to match any d├ęcor and ambiance. Guests get to pose behind the curtain and receive high-quality 4x6 printouts of 4 photos taken inside.